OpenPET is…
  • Electronics: It is an electronics system consisting of circuit boards, firmware and software for people who are building prototype PET and SPECT imagers.
  • High Performance: The timing resolution, spatial resolution, energy resolution and throughput will be limited by your detectors rather than the readout electronics.
  • Flexible: Virtually any kind of detector, camera configuration and event word definition will be supported.
  • Scalable: Virtually any size imager will be supported, from a single detector to thousands of detectors.
  • Modifiable: FPGAs are used extensively, so changes can generally be made via software (rather than having to make new circuit boards).
  • Open Source: Source code for the firmware and software will be publically available, as well as all the documentation needed to make the circuit boards.
  • User Friendly: Our goal is to make it easy for you to use these electronics for your imager. Documentation and instructions will be provided. We also hope to develop a user community that will share both code and expertise.
  • In Need of YOUR Input: We want comments and suggestions on our specification from potential users. We want to make sure that OpenPET will work for YOU. Please email your comments to openpet@lbl.gov